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Day one in Paris
Well technically day two, since we arrived yesterday. But all we did is get to the hotel, have some dinner and crash.

Actually, since I'm on free wireless, I'll cover the back story.

First leg of the flight was to Seoul on Korean Airlines. It was actually a good flight. The in-flight entertainment system was pretty comprehensive but lost out to scrabble on the iPad. It's been years since I played scrabble, I'd forgotten how much I loved it. We also watched a French film :)
The layover in Seoul was ok, but their idea of 5star was well under mine. Dinner was ok but cold and small (that's what you get for free I guess).

Next morning, up early in the freezing cold and back to the airport for our Air France flight to Paris. Enjoyed the free wireless at Incheon Airport. The flight to Paris seemed a bit more "budget" than the first. Read a lot, bushes up on some French. Was chuffed when they served rather nice cheese with the in-flight meal.
We flew over China and Siberia en route. They had a down-facing camera you could watch. So I can say I've seen Siberia and Mongolia ;)
When we hit Paris we waited for a hour while the shuttle bus waited for other passengers that never showed.

After checking in we went to the hotel restaurant, Hippopotomus (seriously). My French failed me utterly. I was like a deer in headlights. I had no idea what they were saying and no idea how to respond. Fortunately my other half kept her presence of mind and managed to get the ideas across. Eventually the waiter asked if he should use English and I gratefully said yes.
It turns out I don't deal at all well with the language barrier.

Hence, here we sit in Macdonalds where we can order with the bare minimum of communication. They also have free Internet though, which rocks.

This morning we embarked on a long walk through Le (la?) Parc des Buttes Chaumont. It's a stunning park, steep hills lead down to a lake with a rock spire in the centre complete with a gazebo and very impressive views. I might see about uploading some pictures.

The Cite de Sciences is a stone's throw from our hotel and has a science fiction exhibition on but alas it was closed (as most museums in Paris are on Mondays). We have that one pegged as a must-visit after the tour. We did walk around the building in the frickin' freezing morning. It has a giant, reflective metal geodesic sphere that looks damned impressive and ,um, plays a serious of little musical jingles. Oh, and it houses an IMAX theater apparently. I should upload some photos of that too :)

Tomorrow, the tour starts. Looking forward to setting out on that big adventure but also really looking forward to getting back to Paris. There's just SO much we want to see here.

Hopefully, I can also make some progress with this language problem.

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