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Victorian Election soon...
...and I'm a little in the dark. Anyone care to point me to some online material that might give some background on the govt and opposition?

I'm rather miffed at the whole Myki affair and the Connex to Metro move has been far from beneficial. I presume they're both State issues. On those alone I'm disinclined to give the current mob another go.

But that's just protest voting, so I guess I should also try looking at the positive side and see what they all have on "offer" (if anything).

It's funny, it wasn't until "my old mate" Katter showed up after the federal election that i realised how much accumulated knowledge I had regarding local and state politics, that I don't have for my new home. Except half remebered (and probably apocryphal) tales of police shooting neighbours. I did however enjoy being able to ellucidate some locals on Bob's special kind of politics.

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