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WoW patch Whinging
For those not in the loop - World of Warcraft recently underwent a massive patch as the first step towards releasing the next expansion on the 7th Dec.

Firstly, it was Gigs in size. 6.5 or so and rumour has it there will be another 1.5Gig of patch patching for when I get home.
That's frickin' huge in anyone's language. I take that as proof all the "we don't need national broadband upgrades of any kind" crowd had their heads in the sand.
The scientists haven't told everyone yet, but data actually has sex when you're not looking and makes little data babies. When they grow up all of a sudden your data file is 10 times bigger than it used to be. Trust me on this, I see the end result of the randy little buggers every damned day.

Secondly, some utter moron at Blizzard thought it would be a fantastic idea to let the game start BEFORE all the data was downloaded. Seriously.
So what happens is in game when you try to go somewhere it hasn't downloaded/updated yet everything stops dead whilst it catches up. Really, it does that. That would be OK because one can just refrain from playing (even thought it would let one) until the download is complete. EXCEPT that we're talking an MMO here and one can't rely on the OTHER players being so restrained.
So you end up sitting around in-game twiddling your virtual thumbs whilst THEY finish updating.
If I meet the fool who thought it up, and/or the fools who approved it, I have some choice words to download into their craniums.

Thirdly, the patch has heavily altered the way the game plays. Yet, people in game (when you finally get to start playing rather than twiddling) seem even LESS patient when things go a little south. Had a warrior tank just drop group last night after he died a second time due to his pulling every damned thing in sight and me not being able to keep up with the healing. Even for a gnome that was inexcusable - and I give gnomes a lot of leeway just because they're awesome.
More than once I've wondered if my addiction to WoW as a hobby is some kind of masochistic manifestation of anti-misanthropy.

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