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Teh internets
So, the Telstra sub-contractor tested a couple of points down the cable then lobbed it back at Telstra to fix. So now it's 1 to 48 hours for Telstra to fix something street-side.
Which leaves us with shitty Internet for another 2 days potentially.

Fortunately, I have my iPad to distract me.
Maybe Starcraft II as well if I can land a copy (since I'm obviously not downloading it).

I always feel bad getting shitty at sub-contractors since they've got barely any more control over the situation than I do, much the same as call centre staff. It's a lovely fluffy padding layer for the people who really deserve a kick in the pants.
When our indentured servitude to BigPond is done, they had better have fixed this with bells on or we're gone.
And on that note, how are 24 month contracts not anti-competitive? Fuckers.


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