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Internet woes
Our BigPond cable internet has been very dodgy lately. Pretty much unusable.
They sent someone out last week who replaced a connection in the underground well out the front of the house. Seemed to do the trick until yesterday.
On top of that, BigPond over charge like crazy.

So we're in the market for a new internet provider. We're thinking of switching from cable to ADSL2+ or something.

What/who do you use and how are they to deal with?

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A friend recently asked the same question on FB. The runaway winner was TPG followed closely by Internode.

Some people had problems with TPG, not many but some. Dropouts were the main problem, but TPG is dirt cheap and generous. Especially bundled, I think.

If Trayce is around, she would warn against ubercheap ISPs like Dodo and TPG. I think a lot of people did last time I asked.

I'm with Westnet/iiNet, and I've heard good things about Amnet.

We have both at work and outages are almost non-existent since we moved from BigSwamp.

I'm with TPB. It's been a mixed experience, but never (quite) so outrightly or consistently awful as to force me to change, and I'm not convinced some of the problems aren't caused by bad phone wiring at this end. WoW latencey has been an issue at times (compounded by bandwidth-thieving children), but torrents seem to come down relatively quickly in spite of that.

Rates are very good (even unbundled), and support is reasonable once you know their "Have you tried...?" script and forestall them by saying you've already tried it all and can they please just adjust the goddamn line settings at their end again?

pretty happy with internode, we have service quality issues that I'm 99% sure are related to our landline/infrastructure. inode have been helpful when we've contacted them and generally if they up the plans existing customers get the bump as well. we'll probably try their naked adsl2+ next time we move.

I'm with Internode, and they have been very good. recently had an issue with connectivity and they were very thorough, got to the root of the problem first try and without trying to bill me an arm and aleg for a service call either.

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